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Hope + Encouragement + Promises


Patience is a Virtue that all desire but few posses. Listen to this sermon to hear about patience and how we can patient towards people and God’s Promises.

Jesus’ death and resurrection was not just a historical event but a supernatural one. Although Jesus was nailed to the cross, in turn, he nailed several other things to the cross. He disarmed the powers of Satan on the cross. Listen to this Sermon as I speak on the powers that Jesus disarmed on the cross and what does it mean for us today.

Christianity over the years has been given an overemphasis on blessings, promises and wealth. Whereas the bible never really talks about such things as the benefits of coming to Christ. Somewhere the message has been lost. Listen to this Audio as Pr. Joshua Paul shares his heart on the “The Lost Message of Christianity.”

I Forgive You

There is a power in saying, "I forgive you" In the Hebrew language the sentence "I forgive” meant, “I will not talk about it again.” So when God says, I forgive you, He means that "I will not talk about your sin anymore.” Satan will remind you of your past sins but...