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In one of the many instructions that Paul gives Timothy, there was one instruction that caught my attention. He said, Keep yourself Pure. In this context, Paul instructs Timothy to refrain from doing things quickly in the ministry such as laying on of hands and so on. At the end of the verse, Paul instructs, Keep yourself Pure.

I have read this verse many times but a few months back as I was going through this passage of scripture, this phrase caught my attention, and I wanted to share with you from that word. I often tell my church that It is important to live holy. You cannot live life on your own terms or your own standards, you have got to live according to God’s standard. And what is God’s standard? One of the most important commands is, “Be Holy because I am holy.”

In this sermon, I speak on the importance of holiness and talk about three common areas where we need to keep our lives pure. I’ve come to understand that God not only requires purity, but he demands purity. I hope you can understand the weight of that phrase, “God Demands Holiness.” And as God’s children, we are called to live a holy life that is pleasing to God.

I encourage you to listen to this sermon as I share about three common areas wherein we need to maintain holiness. Listen and reflect on your own life. God will give you insights on areas that need help.

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